Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Back

Well, I'm back to blogging about Salt Lake.  I don't know why I stopped for a year.  Anyway, a lot is happening with the new Courthouse, the many apartments, condos, office, etc going in downtown, most who have not been around for a while would have a tough time recognizing the place.  That brings me to this photo I took on Main Street a few months back.  In the photo, everything from the Montgomery Ward and to the south (right) of it are slated for demolition.  This would also take out the Prudential Building which people either really like or really hate.  The Prudential is the one with the spires on top of it.  The Montgomery Ward building is the red brick one.  Future plans call for a 20-25 story office tower where the Montgomery Ward building is and then from the Prudential building and the little one's next to it a "Broadway Style" theater that would seat about 2,400.  The theater is sorely needed in this city as Capitol Theater just can't support the shows or the numbers of people that want to see the shows anymore.  I imagine that in the next couple of years this block should look drastically different.


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