Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tower 1 Topping Out

Tower 1 at the City Creek Center is topping out in Salt Lake City.  This photo is taken from Temple Square in downtown.  This condo tower will have amazing views of the Salt Lake Temple.  It has been awesome to read in the news lately about how well all of the condos are selling.  The current plan is to have Tower 2 be capped at 3 levels which will house the retail and then when the demand is there, build the remaining 17 stories.  Not that my opinion matters to them much, but I think it much wiser to build the tower now.  You don't have to finish the interior but at the very least build the shell and have it ready to go.  Building materials right now are soooo much cheaper than they were and I only think they will go up from here as the recession fades.  Here is Tower 1 towering over Temple Square.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn in Salt Lake

There is nothing like autumn in Salt Lake City.  With Temple Square being right downtown, you have some of the most beautiful gardens anywhere.  Great care is taken to make the grounds extremely beautiful around the temple.  Here are a couple of photos I took down at Temple Square recently with autumn in full swing.  Lots more to come with City Creek Center as I am going back down there in the morning to take more shots of the progress.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Construction on the City Creek Center in downtown Salt Lake City continues.  West Temple between South Temple and 100 South is all torn up and being redone as part of the construction.  There will be a parking entrance in the middle of the street to take you underground here.  The ramp is finished and now they are ripping up the road to redo it. 

The brick work also continues up Tower 1.  In a month we should know the name.  It is really turning out quite nice.  The tower will definitely make a statement in Salt Lake City's skyline.  Very impressive to view this one coming into Salt Lake from the north.  It really stands out.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Richards Court

Richards Court are also condo buildings that are part of the City Creek Center.  These two condo towers sit directly south of the Salt Lake Temple.  They stand where the entrance of the Crossroads Mall once stood.  They are just wrapping up and look like they are turning out pretty well.  This will also be an entrance into the City Creek Center.  I will continue to have updated photos of the progress as the finishing touches are put on these and the landscaping begins to come together between them.  It's hard to believe that only 3 years ago, the mall once stood here with Borders books on one side and a McDonalds on the other.  Much better look now.  This has been one fun project to follow.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tower 1

The tallest of the highrises at City Creek Center will be Tower 1.  It still does not have a name and has yet to be marketed to the public.  My understanding is that it will begin sales and have a name in November.  The core of this building just topped off at 32 stories.  Now time to finish up the penthouse and get it all closed in.  The bricklayers have made a lot of progress on this building.  This is the building that I would want to live in when I retire.  The location is awesome.  Attached to the City Creek Center.  Right next to a TRAX stop, across the street from Temple Square, Abravenel Hall and the Salt Palace.  For those familiar with Salt Lake City, this is being built on the exact same location as the Inn on Temple Square used to stand.  It is the southeast corner of South Temple and West Temple.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Regent

The City Creek Center is the 1.5 billion dollar investment that the LDS Church is making in downtown Salt Lake City.  It is located where the old Crossroads Mall and ZCMI Malls used to sit.  After clearing both blocks a couple of years ago, construction began and has been moving at a rapid pace.  On the ZCMI block, there is a condo tower being built on 100 South between Main and State Streets.  This condo tower will be 20 stories tall and has a modern design.  From viewing the downtownrising.com website, almost 25% of the units have already been sold including all 4 penthouse suites.  Not too bad for a recession.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

222 South Main Street

Our newest high-rise here in Salt Lake City is located at 222 South Main.  It is a very beautiful design.  The building is owned by Hamilton Partners.  They have made a very large investment in Salt Lake City.  They have purchased and renovated the old Boston Building, which is also on Main Street and they also own the 2 old buildings directly south of the new 222 South Main.  This building will be completed in December of this year.  There is a 7 level parking garage directly behind the building.  The building was designed by SOM, which is also the architecture firm of the Burj Dubai, Trump Tower in Chicago and the Sears Tower.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blog Beginnings

Alright, I have always had a love of construction. I love watching a highrise building go up. I also have a passion for photography and have now combined the two. I have been photographing Salt Lake City and its surroundings as this city continues to grow. The largest project in the area is the City Creek Center which is redeveloping 2 city blocks. Those familiar with Salt Lake City know that our city blocks are very large. I will continue to post photos that I take and keep people updated as to what is taking place here in beautiful Salt Lake City.

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